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Well hopefully that's better

My Story

Photography and video have been part of my life since I was in grade 7, my eldest brother Ian introduced me to photography with a cheap plastic camera, I don't remember getting good results from it, but hey I had no idea what I was doing, but the seed was sown. Then came my grade 7 teacher, the class was given a project to do, which was to make a movie on standard 8, it had no soundtrack, I became the chief editor, but by then it had also sown the seed for movie making, which like photography has also become my lifelong ambition to capture video and images, I even purchased Adobe premiere when it first came out in Australia, that was a heap of floppy disks to install it, now we directly download it from the internet.

So going from loading up a cartridge into a movie camera, shooting not really much film, and hoping you had some good footage, it was all handheld, until I discovered, fluid head tripods, or was that when I found video or did that find me?


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