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Mobile phones

The DSLR or  mobile phone, when to use which one?

Mobile phones, good for

We all use our mobile phones for photography because they are very convenient.

Mobile phones

Does the title of this page stir up you mobile phone users, I hope so, as it is supposed to.

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My mission is to go further into the subject of photography, which I have been involved in all my life, and get the maximum I can gain from it, and hopefully pass some information on to you.

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Mobile phones

How do mobile phones have an intrinsic part to play in photography, but what are their limitations.

We all love and use our mobile phones, we literally cannot be without them, and for very good reasons, they have replaced the home phone, due to their portability, and with technology screaming ahead, the way it is, they can do some incredible things, when you consider you have a computer in your pocket, it is pretty amazing.

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